It Was a Lot to Take In

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half step down, capo 2


I was complacent to what you were facing. "It's all in my head", I said as I wept. Peaceful, you lay. That somber face that you made. All emotions were there, while we were so deathly scared. But you made it through the day. It was a lot to take in.

I hope you'd consider us loving. That feeling is always there; a softness that'll never escape me. You'll never fade away.

Was about to take you home, recoup the damage done, and then you were gone in an instant. It was a whole lot to take in. It's been two months and everything was fine since the last we tried to fix your insides. You just wouldn't eat and sometimes grinded teeth, trying to tell us something wasn't right.

A better measure of health is all the damage dealt to your heart, as it pulls on those strings. And out of all the things I've done, I'll always be proud of how I fought for you each step of the way.

Now I'm standing at your empty cage, wondering where all the time has passed. I miss you every day. But we were always meant to be friends in the end. It was a lot to take in.


from Graduation Day Eve, released May 19, 2017



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Mint Set of Rookie Cards New Jersey

After starting a melodic-hardcore band with some of my closest friends up at school, I decided to begin writing more material. This time though, I wanted it to be an emo-style akin to the mid-90s. This is the end result, Minty.

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