There's Safety In Solitude

by Mint Set of Rookie Cards

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released March 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Mint Set of Rookie Cards New Jersey

After starting a melodic-hardcore band with some of my closest friends up at school, I decided to begin writing more material. This time though, I wanted it to be an emo-style akin to the mid-90s. This is the end result, Minty.

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Track Name: Stamford, CT
You called me a name
You lied to my face
No there can’t be a way
We could be friends

We’re not the same
You’re running away
For too long

And I’m afraid
You’ll do the same
To me, forever and always
Track Name: Mix and Match Your Favorites
Driving 100 miles through states I couldn’t give a shit about
Really fucked me over
Car’s too old, I’ll never make it
I’m too tall and couldn’t fake it to fit

In the elevator
Or the overpassing parkway
I just want to be home
It’s pretty good
You’re all better

The poison running through your veins
Pick your favorites
Mix and match them
And watch this slow decay
Re-wire your insides
There’s so much beauty where you’re coming from
Track Name: Varsity Level Sports
Don’t quit
You’re almost there
Don’t stop
Keep running, keep searching, keep learning
Keep yearning for all I can offer
Forever, always and five-ever
I can’t live like this

I can’t hear you over the volcanic eruptions
Or the television screech
Blasting varsity level sports and athletics
I can’t live like this
Track Name: Frowned Upon
It’s still pretty terrible
The way you turned my sheets unholy
But I never want to leave them
In the morning after a night well spent
Not that I was holy to begin with

So come home
You’re too far from my grasp
Don’t lose sight of your routine beauty
That I love so dearly, my love

I just want you to know
That I’d love you even if you were dead
And I’ll still love you in the end
Track Name: Life as a Passerby
I was trying to relate my life
Somehow I caught wind of this pitch
You see: it’s quite simple really
“Just live your life, it’ll pass you by”

I’ll try to relate my life somehow, but
No matter how hard you try
You will die, alone

I guess alone is how I’ll be
At least it’s better than believing
In something you cannot reach
Like the stars I wished upon, so conveniently

Apparently life hands you nothing
Didn’t they tell me?
Track Name: Chiral Practicing
When you were looking for me
I was waiting for my lies to be realized fully
Track Name: The Monsters In My Head
Tell me all the thoughts in your head
You told me that you loved me and that you had no regrets
And I believed you
And I wanted to say
“God please help me for I have sinned”

To sit there and tell me I had to care
More to please you
But I’m leaving now
And this is goodbye, the end, I’m done
For all I know you’ve got me in a headlock with no way out

Saving grace for the wolves
Let you face all the fears on your own
Cause I’m not coming back
Nor am I haunted by past loves
For I am loveless thanks to you and your friends

You told me everything was going so well but I had no idea you would do this to me and my head

I never thought it would come to this
You really know how to take my firm fucking grasp and loose it back
Release the monsters in my mind
Cause I’ve lost it this time
And I’m not coming back
Track Name: Pt. 1
The silence left me and let me go
I was undone the second I walked home
And drove it deep into my skin
Like scars under water exposed
The cracks in the pavement road

Tried hard to not get caught
And made sure I couldn’t be bought
For more than I was worth
Cursed from my own birth

Lately I’ve been sneaking glances
Apart from the small chances
You’d talk to me and tell me that
You loved me, such fucking crap

The frameworks of my name
Scarred past the point of shame
The silence left me and let me go
Track Name: Pt. 2
There's safety in solitude
Track Name: Lower the Thermostat Already
I am a ghost of the way things used to be
The words escape and leave me
Cause I am no one
And no one is me

Faith is fixed to the ground
Leave my head in the dirt
Then walk away
Let me know you're there

Someone please, reach out
I need to know why
My head fails and I'm crushed
So just walk

I guess I'll just walk
Feeble-minded and empty-hearted

I'm way back to where I used to be
And to roam alone, I'm so scared
I am a ghost