So cold you can barely speak

by Mint Set of Rookie Cards

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released September 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Mint Set of Rookie Cards New Jersey

After starting a melodic-hardcore band with some of my closest friends up at school, I decided to begin writing more material. This time though, I wanted it to be an emo-style akin to the mid-90s. This is the end result, Minty.

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Track Name: I Hate Waking Up with You on My Mind and Not In My Bed
I didn’t waste a minute
To be hopeful of the start of something new
I’ve tried to relax and retrace
That day back on my mind

It followed your heaven down
And garden’s drowned
To feel like bliss over self-decrepit shit
You may feel like this
You may feel like so

I can’t stand the sight of a half-empty bed
After being graced by you
Your blue-eyed smile
With all your heart
I toss and turn and yearn for you

I can’t do this on my own
Track Name: Sleeper
Bury yourself in the sand
Shroud yourself from the gloom
Of the world above
“The world is a beautiful place
We just have to make it that way”

They’re screaming it, but I don’t believe it

I just want you to be safe
Not saved
I’m not your savior
Just a sleeper waiting for a moment
A burning for it
Track Name: Feverish Dreams
Lately I’ve been having feverish dreams
About myself dying
But I’m not scared that I’m lying
It couldn’t be that I’m trying
To see myself new again

And everyday there’s something different
That I can’t relate to
I’m nervous and inconsistent
Track Name: We've Been Marooned, the Colour
I hate feeling like this
When it’s so cold you can barely speak
Or even feel a fucking thing

Comfort me, lay me down
I’m in a haze
Sing to me, pull me out
Of my misery

My GPS freaks me out
When it stares at me, for hours
“That’s what I’m here for”
My best friend

But it helps me through all my worst situations
Like driving for a hundred miles with no one to talk to
And no one will listen when you’re left waiting
For toll booth signs to light up green again
I’m shouting:
“Get me out cause I can’t do this
You’re fanatically frantic and he’s so happy”

Pulling out my hair
It’s like I wished for this
We’ve been marooned at the worst time
In the worst line
Just wanna get home
So I can answer my phone safely
Track Name: Gasping for Air
I can’t believe I’ve been still for so long
I need to breathe, to get out, stay down
Live for the moment at hand
I’ll take them back

Realize who you are and calm your fears
You have no will here
Just stay still and keep a level head
This is the first day of your life
So start breathing

I am constantly trying to see the difference between
You and your friends
The days and nights ends
Winter sun and summer death
Make me believe there’s more to this
There has to be more than this

I’m still gasping for air
Why is there nothing here?
Why does everything end?
And nothing begins to bloom
Track Name: Take Me Down a Peg or Three
The reason I have trust issues
Isn’t due to your defenseless nature of the day
Or a thought process in a formative namesake

The real reason is my discern
For anything I have learned
A complete lack of something firm

Take me down a peg or three
And now you’ll finally see
Why I can’t understand it
I can’t understand a single thing

People like me
Are the only people like me
And people like me
Oh god I hope you like me
Track Name: My Personal Debt Ceiling
You still haven't found me?
I said between Staff and Richmond street
That’s where you’ll find me
Tackling my own personal debt ceiling
I’m slowly crumbling
Track Name: It's Time
It's time for me to say exactly how I'm feeling
The whisper lines and winds sweep across my face

For a change
I’ve been feeling quite beautifully
Look at what you've done to me
Frown to a smile in a big way
Still saying huge without the fucking “h”

It's cause you're the only one to see
Exactly what's inside my body: a heart, brain, and mind

Keep in mind that your words are spinning carefully
Constructed sentences, with a hue in your eyes
They’re so radiant
I should tell you everyday
I think I'll tell you all the ways that I love you
Track Name: Downtown, Pewter City
Moving forward with my life
First breath after coma
Awakened to a new regime
And a condensing of my instincts

Today I got shrunk into a new world
Spiraling, twisting out of concern for my health
But not mine
The little monsters I have inside
These red and white spheres, with hopes and fears
Got beaten at the gym today
I don't think I like this place
The owners' such a fucking prick
“Take your shiny badge and stick it
Where the sun don't shine, where you won't find me”

Running over ledges
Back down to my town
It’s a wonder I'm still here contemplating everything
What is this thing stalking me?
Bright and yellow ball of energy

I need a plan
I need something new

“Maybe if I cause a fire
It'll bellow out water
To drown all of the rocks
And turn him into a wet sock"
I don't think I like this place
It’s not what my childhood taught me