Like Arrows

by Mint Set of Rookie Cards

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released May 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Mint Set of Rookie Cards New Jersey

After starting a melodic-hardcore band with some of my closest friends up at school, I decided to begin writing more material. This time though, I wanted it to be an emo-style akin to the mid-90s. This is the end result, Minty.

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Track Name: Plant Here for Growth
Thoughts are like arrows
Once released, they strike their mark
Guard them well or one day you may be your own victim

I am a victim of circumstance
Of second chances and false idols
Point your arrows at me
Plant them inside my limp body
Destroy my frame of mind
A fresh restart for better things

Grow up grow out
Let it enfold you
Plant the trees and roots will spread
Like arrowheads
Track Name: Sum Summers
A summer’s worth of places to go
A fell of trees we seem to know
From before
Finding bridges to their kin
Weightlessness never set in so quick

Driving down these village roads
Makes me feel like I’m not alone
Spending time with my best friends
It’s just a shell I’m living in

Currently we’re looking for the trees
The ones with markings up and down them
We carved our names in forcefully
And prayed upon the ground for endless springs
Three kids later, we were younger
Not of body, but of mind
To build
Rivers bridges laden with
Mounds of and shapes of summer’s trees
The ones that look like me

Some summers I’ve spent alone
For better or worse, I’m trying to find my home
Between you and me
It couldn’t be more disheveling
(It’s practically like finding
More leg room in the air)
Track Name: Markov Chains, My Specialty
I’m sorry I’m not the man you perceived
Stuck between my vexed personality
Find me at the corner of Staff and Richmond street
You’ll see, oh you’ll see
Track Name: Light Blue
Your brightness shines light blue
The waves all around me are fragment and true
And I am so in love
With the way you are

The feelings chase the dreams you make, your faces
And finally I can breathe again
With the weight of the words left off my tongue
I know what you want to hear

And I’m delivering the best I can
The light brings me black and shades of blue
Track Name: Pt. 3
I’ve been feeling abandoned
In my own skin
Sink into me
I’ve been down this same road
For a hundred miles
Feels like hours

Pull me closer in
Let me feel your breath on my chest
Safely tell me
Things you never had and wanted
I’ll give you them

Pass me by and say “it’s all in my head”
Trust me darling, you’ll know just when
I’ll fuck things up in the end
Just you wait and pretend
I knew you were the one that got away
Track Name: Aperture
I remember when we used to talk
Face to face
None of this plastic glass technology
So scientific and apathetic
You were watching as I struggled to find it

Couldn’t grasp the thought in my head
It wasn’t how I thought it would be
Until I could see more clearly

Rhythms clutching to my fingertips
Trying to make the best of it
I am the one who lost everything
And who could love something with nothing left to give