Be the Spark

by Mint Set of Rookie Cards

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released April 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Mint Set of Rookie Cards New Jersey

After starting a melodic-hardcore band with some of my closest friends up at school, I decided to begin writing more material. This time though, I wanted it to be an emo-style akin to the mid-90s. This is the end result, Minty.

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Track Name: All This Noise Whirling Around My Head
Seeing these frosts for the first time
It slowly creeps in, and you can feel your breath disappear
And I am not ashamed of who I am anymore

If there's time for you to come back around
Please do
Cause I miss you

I'd be remiss if I didn't see you anymore
It's so cold, and your face keeps me warm
With all this noise whirling around my head
I can't sleep
I just want to drift off and feel at peace
Track Name: Oak's Parcel
I couldn't come back
Until it meant something to me
The best of times
Aren't just when the worst is over
It's rarely over
Even when you're feeling a little better

Leaving home felt like
Throwing myself at a dart-board
Can't be sure when I'll strike
Up conversations in my mind
With my head so full of lectures
From my mother
Telling me to mind my manners

It's so hard being honest with yourself
The push and pull of insecurity
Drags at me
I lost my dignity
Throwing a master ball
At something I'll never need

I'll never need a Pidgey
Track Name: You're Full of Dumb Luck
Where the fuck were you when I needed you the most
The people that I've been around
Walking dead and underground
Your body is a temple and I'm scared to fuck it up
You're full of dumb luck

I never said I wanted lust, it's just a common consequence
Of something that I lost when I was young
Nevermind the details, I'm ensnared to find out who I've got
To be my new least favorite person now that you're gone
You're all gone

Dying, death, and loneliness hurt the most
Scarred your skin to the bone, holy ghost
You never quite recovered from it
The worst day of you life
(I'm wishing you the best)
I hope it doesn't come off contrite
I was just trying to be polite

Tears wash down your face
Your mind tries to recreate
That beautiful portrait of your mother
And silhouetted father-figure
You were too fragile and succumb to the pressure
I had no fucking clue what to do
The most wonderful things rarely consist of
Malcontent and heresy
Oh my what does that make me, a heretic at best
Merely something, but still quite a wreck
Track Name: My Lunar Love
Today I can see behind the clouds
Right through space
To your beautiful face
Not a trace
Of light anywhere else

You resonate inside my beating heart
My lunar love
I cannot get enough
Of you, in true light blue

All above me
Is experiencing
The best of life
And best of all
I get to see you
Through it all
The greatest times
Are spent with you
My lunar love

Blue eyes and perfect hair
You're a peach
Unbruised and so precise
You're heartfelt
And sound of mind
Always my favorite kind
Of girl, thats you
Track Name: Autumnal
The season’s changing
Like our bodies; process for growth
And as the leaves fall
I’m left with a feeling not so subtle

Come run with me
Hold my hand and you’ll see
There’s beauty in everything
Especially in the dying leaves

It’s all so autumnal
The way we so smoothly ebb and flow
Between brutal heat and frigid cold

Don't you see?
There's beauty in everything
Especially in the wilted trees
Shedding their vibrant leaves
It happened so suddenly
In front of me
As I watched, stood there, and thought:

"I am no longer afraid to die
But who's to tell me how to live my life?
If these trees are so comfortably
Losing what makes them whole
What is it that stops me?
Is it my lack of sense or personality?
Or some goddamn thing
I can't explain
The words I write rarely explain a thing"

It's not permanence
It's just my consciousness talking too loud
Gotta get my fill before it gets cold
It's better than feeling so vulnerable
Track Name: Princeton
Welcome to the ivy leagues
You've gotta play along to get along

We're all of this batch
So perfectly patched and made for this
Amongst our orchids are solemn leaves
Tied to oaken trees laid for you
Me and you

Beckoning, there's a reckoning
All for you, in true light blue
Track Name: Coffee with Sprinks
There's only a few things that truly make me happy
Eyes wide; beaming like a child
You can always tell by my dreamy stare
Glossy everywhere, it's special over there

Perfectly pitched for aim and a small degree just in case
As luck would have it, I caught glance of you
(In true light blue, that marvelous hue)
Nothing compares with your smile
The way you can light up the sky using just your eyes

Looking forward to coffee with sprinks
As part of a breakfast for two
I just want to be forever by your side,
In this bed made for me and you

Be the spark I need in my life